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Known as the "Hometown, Friendly Choice for Fast, Reliable Internet Service", USA Choice Internet Services Co. continues to grow and expand. Since its founding in 1995, the company has remained true to its commitment to provide high quality, low-cost, high speed Internet access to northwest and central Pennsylvania.

2014 marks an exciting turning point for the company. By the end of the first quarter of 2014, USA Choice will be expanding its capabilities with the formation of new autonomous divisions borne of the remarkable technological changes in Internet based products and services.

President of USA Choice, Ray Schwabenbauer explained: "The Internet is no longer just a convenience to enjoy email and occasional searches; it has become a dynamic and integral part of everyday life and all that we do to enjoy the bounty of life and happiness. It brings streaming media that allows us to watch movies, television and documentaries at our convenience; it delivers the core connectivity of new and dynamic security for our home and possessions that one could hardly have envisioned a few short years ago. Once a theoretical tool primarily for educators, we now have the ability to take diverse online courses for everyone from the youngest toddler to Ph.D. candidates. Indeed, the Internet enabled technologies are as important to our everyday lives as was the industrial revolution – previously thought to be the most important piece of our conversion to modern society."

"Our new divisions will bring services that were thought to be reserved for large metropolitan areas to everyone who seeks the advantages of modern technology."


Only USA Choice can bring you high speed Internet access by a multitude of methods. We are the region’s leading provider of Satellite, fiber, wireless [WiFi and "Rocket"] and traditional DSL. Call 877-872-6382 and let our outstanding customer support team help you determine the best and most cost effective option for your home and office connectivity.


One of our newest divisions, USA Choice Security provides a variety of low cost, high quality security options. From live video feeds and 24 hour monitoring, to locking and unlocking of doors from your smartphone, computer or tablet, USA Choice helps make your home or business safe and secure on virtually any budget.


Not only can USA Choice bring you quality installation and servicing for Direct TV, we can also show you how to enjoy the incredible benefits of streaming movies, You Tube videos and a wide variety of television shows from companies such as HULU, VUDU and Netflix at a fraction of the cost of cable.


Our newly created partnership with one of the leading domestic and international website developers now permits USA Choice to bring you and your business the latest in technology. From creation of an online store to a site that speaks to the world about your unique offerings and capabilities, USA Choice can handle any project no matter how small or large.

SMART HOME – energy saving and residential security ...

How about enjoying the benefits of a state of the art home security system while saving lots of money in energy consumption? Yes, you can! USA Choice’s Smart Home brings our customers savings in their heating bill while providing home security and video monitoring of their homes … allowing customers to lock their home and turn down the heat after leaving their homes and make it warm and comfortable prior to their return all from their desk, smartphone or tablet. No more worrying about an unattended home, watch your children and your pets from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet and computer. Everything is at your fingertips with a USA Choice Smart Home installation.

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