Mobile Development

Mobile browsing has surpassed traditional online browsing! If your website isn't compatible with today's devices then most likely you are losing business.

Mobile websites and apps may seem complex, but we are here to make it easy.

There are multiple types of mobile projects:

  • Mobile Friendly Websites: All of our websites are mobile friendly. This doesn't mean they are mobile websites, it just means that all our websites, even the most basic, are cross browser tested in mobile internet browsers to ensure that it lines up properly and is functional.

  • Mobile (html5) Website Design: html5 is the type of code developed for mobile websites. A mobile website is different from a traditional website because it is made to fit the screen size and resolution of today's mobile devices very exactly. There should be no scrolling or zooming required to navigate a mobile website. An html5 mobile website looks as if it is a native app, but a mobile website can be accessed from a web browser while a mobile app has to be downloaded from the app store.

  • Mobile App: A mobile application is downloaded from the app store and shown on your mobile devices home screen typically. A mobile app is very similar to an html5 mobile website, but it is not accessible from a web browser. You can have similar if not identical content as what you can have on a website though. Often times apps are tools, games, tips, or software you can utilize. Some popular apps you might use everyday are Maps/ Directions on your phone, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other Social Network apps, Pandora internet radio, Games, or maybe a Cheap-o-air app to find your next flight. If you want to develop an app for your business, we are the ones for the job.

  • Responsive Web Design: Responsive web design is a website that reacts to the maximum allowed width of the screen size on the device your using. To put it simply, it is 3 websites in 1! A traditional layout, a layout for tablets, and a layout for phones. It is all the same website but if you visit on your phone it will show the phone layout, and on your laptop it will show the traditional layout. If you are on your desktop computer, try zooming in your web browser and watch as the website morphs to fit the screen as you zoom in!

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